The Coach

George Points the way at MetroPCS Presentation

George Points the way at MetroPCS Presentation

George Hendley is “the coach” at The Speakers Academy.  Looking back at his earliestexposure to training in his high school speech class it didn’t appear that this was the obvious road for him to take.

His speaking skills at that time were akin to the ‘stumble, bumble and fumble’ of an inept amateur. He didn’t show any desire or real inclination to tackle the challenges of the platform. But things changed…

Presenting to WebTPA

Audience involvement is about ‘showing them’ what you want them to do.

Exposure to some of the greats in the world of motivational speaking like the Olympian Bob Richards, the “master motivator” and sales professional Zig Ziglar and the man known as Charlie”Tremendous”Jones made a huge and lasting impression.

He loved what he heard and saw but was frightened at the prospect of failure, of looking or sounding foolish and being rejected. So he buried that dream for years.  But things changed…


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