Clarifying Your Vision?

Begin with the End in Mind

TSA- The End in Mind“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”Jack Welch

Our Vision: Become the trusted expert in guiding and developing committed professionals who seek to understand and master presentation skills.

That’s the end. That’s where I start, and work back from there, to do all that I do at The Speakers Academy.

Where do you start? When you begin with the end in mind you actually want to consider the ‘result of the result’. It is always much bigger and more far-reaching than holding one session or a series of sessions that teach how to be proficient at the eleven Core Delivery skills. It goes much farther than holding a session or a series of sessions on how to accomplish all of the important steps in preparing a great presentation.

When you really think of the ‘result of the result’ your end may be many months or more probably many years in the future. You are thinking about a very long term goal or a vision that far surpasses what you are doing today. What you are doing today is simply planting a seed, perhaps an acorn that will take decades to grow and become a mighty oak that is the final result. Once again, that outcome is decades away and you may never live to see that result. But you plant the seed anyway.

Starting Small with the End in Mind

A 30-60 second introduction at a networking event or a meal or just having coffee is a presentation. It is planting a seed. And when that seed is well prepared, delivered and followed up it can change your life. It can also change the life of the one who is listening. With the right end in mind, a very large and audacious end in mind, everything begins to take shape in a more thoughtful, precise and well-imagined process from the beginning.

The importance of the visual, vocal and verbal delivery is now at a much higher level. You now consider small things as large in significance because you recognize the ‘result of the result’ will be far reaching. The quality and quantity of your presentation, albeit short or insignificant, is now different. Everything matters.

Why? Because one short 30-60 second introduction can lead to a lifetime business relationship.

That lifetime business relationship can add up to hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars in monetary value. That lifetime relationship can impact not only your life but the lives of your entire family and the lives of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of others served by that business. That lifetime business relationship can change the course of a community, a city or even a state over time. That lifetime business relationship that started with you, with a 30-60 second presentation, could begin something that lives on well beyond your lifetime and into the generations of those to follow. And it all starts with a very short presentation.

Now, does that 30-60 second introduction or mini-presentation have new significance and relevance to you and your future? It should and it will when you hold that vision in mind every day.

The ‘Why? So that…’ Formula to Keep You Vision Focused

You can use a simple formula to take you from the end to the beginning and back again. It’s called the “Why? So that…” formula and might look or sound something like this. It leads you to the ‘result of the result’.

“Why is it important to share tested principles and processes at each session of The Speakers Academy?” So that every person can walk away ready to benefit and use what they learn at that session.

“Why do we constantly review, repeat and reinforce the material from session to session?” So that every person can quickly, easily and enjoyably use what they have heard for years to come.

“Why do we move at a fast pace, have short 75 minute sessions and involve everyone in everything we do?” So that the learning is not boring, the amount of material covered is not overwhelming and everyone feels they can participate and receive something of value that day.

“Why do we meet in small groups, have everyone speak at every session and develop written affirmations about the material in focus?” So that the numbers are not intimidating, everyone continues to practice in short repetitious bursts and the principles of good thought for good speech are reinforced as the building blocks for a great attitude.

“Why do we do everything we do on at The Speakers Academy?” So that each speaker feels guided and supported to the end they feel confident and masterful at each presentation.

“Why is that important?” So that over time and by God’s grace we become the trusted expert in guiding and developing committed professionals who seek to understand and master presentation skills.

That’s our vision. Join us. You’ll be glad you did.

At The Speakers Academy we help business leaders who want skills or courage become confident and competent as speakers. We can help you! CLICK HERE to complete our Quick Contact form. 

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