Business Leader Training


What you Enjoy!

• A basic skills pre-assessment to bench mark your current level of knowledge and skills
(Valued at $29)
• A discovery interview to determine your goals and establish a personalized Plan of Action for your successful growth and achievement (Valued at $75)
• Two (or more)75 minute *H.I.L.L. Practice Sessions each month with written peer encouragement, focused coaching and practice opportunities each session (Valued at $20 each, $40 a month)
• Spotlight Practice Sessions (3-5 minutes) where you deliver a presentation and you receive detailed peer feedback, personalized coaching and the chance to do this at least once every 2 months if you attend all sessions
• *H.I.L.L. Lecture session for 5-10 minutes with a special focus on one or more of the 3 V’s (Visual/Vocal/Verbal), the 11 Core Delivery Skills and much More…
• Video Feedback clips for personal insight and development (Valued at $10 each)
• Achievement Recognition based on being voted by your peers as a ‘best’ category winner in one of the six categories (priceless!)
• A Skills Assessment update and review every six months (twice a year) giving you a new set of goals and a fresh Plan of Action (Valued at $75)

Your Professional Investment
We give you a variety of ways to make the most of your professional investment. When you consider that you are receiving over $500 in value during a period of a year you can see that your investment is small and easily worth any of the plans below that you choose.
With multiple locations on different days you could easily attend more than 6 sessions in 3 months or 12 sessions in 6 months. That gives you more value if you choose to enjoy it.

➢ 3 months gives you 6+ Sessions/$15 per session average= $90 PIA (paid in advance)
➢ 6 months gives you 12+ Sessions/$13.50 per session average= $162 PIA
➢ Per Session= $20.00 cash or check paid at the door!

*(HILL stands for High Intensity Learning Lab)